About Us

At Reliable Right Hand, we pride ourselves in being just that!  Your much needed extra right hand.  We will help you take care of your home (renters and pets) when you are unable to.  Located in central Orange County, we can be at your house to cater to your and your renters' needs.  There is no job too small!


Ever get that call that there is something wrong at your house and you are just too far away to take care of it?  Maybe a renter calling about a leak or broken appliance?  We can go check on that for you!  Waiting for an appliance or need a smart thermostat installed?  We will be there.  Need your house cleaned?  No problem!  We do all cleanings, house checks and maintenance.  If we can't fix it, we can at least give you a better idea of what's wrong.  We will scrub your house after each renter and will make sure your home is warm, cozy and inviting for your next guest, even if that's you!  Don't ever come home to a messy house again!

We will be your reliable right hand!  Call us for all maintenance, cleaning and or pet sitting needs!

We Will Take Good Care of Your Home!

Reliable Right Hand

Catering to out of town homeowners.

Hi there!  Nice to meet you.  My name is Erica Cohn, and I am an attorney and homeowner who moved from New York to California four years ago.  I rent out two properties, one in New York, and one in Vermont.  Being thousands of miles away from my homes and renters, I know first hand how hard it is to take care of both without proper assistance. 

I am also a loving mom to three dogs and three cats.  I understand  the worries of having to leave your babies behind when go to work or on vacation!

My partner, Anthony Lawrence is a professional welder and can do most general maintenance.  What ever it is you need, we can help!

Vacation Home/Rental Property Caretakers

in Orange County, CA